Our Luxury Villa Concierge Department is specialised in providing tailor made services to suit all of your needs. Our portfolio of hand picked luxury villas include modern minimal, classic contemporary and exclusive mansions. Set in a comfortable and strategic distance to all of the most prominent areas in Ibiza.

Villa griega

Boats & Yatchs

Much of the attraction to Ibiza is its cosmopolitan ambience, which makes it the perfect destination for a Boat or Yacht charter.
Discover the beautiful coastline of Ibiza, surrounded by uncharted beauty, deserted pristine white beaches, beautiful cascading cliffs and sparkling azure waters which are perfect for swimming in.


Private Party

Being in Ibiza gives you the opportunity to live a unique experience, we will create with you a sensory atmosphere that will become an unforgettable moment, just as you have it in mind or as you might not expect. Without a doubt, a 100% Ibiza experience, you will not have to think about anything other than enjoying yourself, we will take care of everything else.

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